Personal Customized Coaching Sessions and Trainings that Support You in Gaining Clarity on Your Goals and Empowers You to Manifest Them

Farra Allen, M.A. Psych.

Director/Head Coach of Lifeworks Transformational Coaching


  • MA in Psychology and Counseling, University of West Georgia, GA
  • Bachelor of Arts Psychology, Centre College, KY
  • Law Degree, University of Kentucky Law School, KY

We all possess the potential to make profound changes in our lives; to build a successful business or career, develop meaningful relationships with friends and loved ones, or simply live a happy and healthy life. So what’s standing in our way? Why do our best laid plans often fail to deliver? How do we shift our thinking to enable transformational changes? 

As your Lifeworks Transformational Coach, I take a deep dive into YOU, helping you gain clarity on your goals, understanding your strengths and passions, barriers to having what you want, and teaching you the tools and techniques that empower you to make profound change in your life.

Developing Your S.P.A.
"Specific Plan of Action"

The S.P.A. will put you in touch with “what lights you up”, learning the power of commitment and most importantly, connecting you with your Purpose, Passion, Vision, and Mission. Together, we develop your “Specific Plan of Action” and keep you accountable, teaching you how to navigate through the ups and downs to stay on track and manifest your goals. The results can be truly transformational!

Eliminate Your Barriers to Success

Barriers to success come in many shapes and forms. Some are annoying habits that we’re painfully aware of but can’t seem to change, others are deeply traumatic events that we’ve buried in our subconscious. As your coach, I’ll help you identify the barriers that create the most harm and teach you ways to reverse their effects, flipping them into a source of empowerment.

Dealing with Everyday Trauma Syndrome™

Webster’s Dictionary defines trauma as “a painful emotional experience or shock, often producing a lasting psychic effect, and sometimes a neurosis.” Furthermore, research has shown that whenever we feel hopeless, helpless, powerless, and/or a threat to ourselves, we experience trauma throughout our entire body. As we go through our life, anything that reminds us of the original trauma can cause “re-traumatization”. This phenomenon can occur regularly, even on a daily basis, leaving us stuck or “stopped dead in our tracks.”

My personal experience with trauma set me on a journey to heal myself, culminating in years of personal growth, training, workshops, and earning a Masters in Psychology. I developed a program called EveryDay Trauma Release™, helping clients manage their trauma and gain peace of mind.

While I and others still get re-activated, the skill sets I developed can help expedite recovery and empower you to continue moving forward in attaining your goals.


In our coaching sessions, Farra has been allowing/guiding me to discover/re- discover my own empowerment, knowing I can trust myself, knowing that I have all the answers inside but I must work to find them. I realize that I am in control of my life and I am good enough.

Weston Manley

General Manager, Gudusu Inc.

I was dealing with a health condition and searching for answers. Farra took my situation to heart and did research specifically about what I was dealing with. He helped me immensely each session, giving me personal visualizations and other methods to cope with my ailments. He listened to my concerns with empathy and worked with me to create a personalized plan that fit my needs. With his guidance, I was able to manage my symptoms and improve my overall well-being. Farra's expertise and compassionate approach made all the difference in my journey towards healing. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for support and guidance in managing their health and well-being.

Westin Galloway

CEO, Galloway Digital & Ironman Race Championship Qualifier

I was diagnosed with chronic myloid leukemia and I began working with Farra to do my best to mitigate the impact this was having on my body. Along with my own daily practice, I was provided a number of customized, creative visualizations, recorded them and re-listened to them repeatedly. After a period of time, I was told by my doctor that my levels had declined and I am on track to cease taking the mediations within the year. Thank you, Farra.

Robert Landon


Shelby Shankland

LifeWorks Certified Coach

LifeWorks provided a safe and sacred space for me to embrace all that I am. Through Lifeworks School of Coaching, I was able to discover my true passion and purpose of assisting others from a place of wholeness. If I had never coached a day in my life, LifeWorks was the biggest gift I ever gave myself

Carolyn A. Jones, LWC

LifeWorks Certified Coach

John Hyatt

LifeWorks Certified Coach

I came upon The Lifeworks School of Coaching at a time in my life when I was at an important crossroads, seeking direction. I had recently entered a new field in my career, and the instruction and coaching training assisted me in my day-to-day work activities. I knew going in to the program that I was not going to be a full-time coach; still, I utilize the skills and techniques I learned back in 2007 to this day, to assist me with the co-workers and clients I come in contact with on a daily basis. I find what I learned in the course to be invaluable in helping to make my Life Work, in general. There is no doubt that Lifeworks has played a key role in helping me to be the success that I am today.

Henry Brent

Sales Executive and LifeWorks Certified Coach

If you are ready and looking for ways to break down your walls and find your authentic self, take this course. In the end it will be the first day of the rest of your life.

Helen Gerolemou

LifeWorks Certified Coach

One of the best decisions I have ever made! Approx. 18 months go I walked into Farra Allen’s office and completely changed my life. Starting with 6 months of the LifeWorks teleclasses and then onto the LifeWorks School of Coaching. What an amazing program with outstanding teachers, guides, & classmates! I’ve always had a pull in this direction but had no idea the gifts, passions, & talents that would come out of me! I highly recommend this program to ANYONE wanting to live wholly. Some become Life Coaches and others just soar in their current field! I Am Certified! YAY!

Danna Holt

LifeWorks Certified Coach

You Are Enough

A Soul Sound Journey to Awakening

This is more than a book. Yes, it is another “self help” book giving you new insights; new ways of intellectualizing and identifying yourself. More than that - the visualizations at the end of each chapter anchor into your consciousness that which you have just read. 

The musical accompaniment carefully blended with the melodic words allow you to enter into your “true self ” as you then feel your connection with “You”.

Utilizing this multidimensional and multi-sensory integrative immersion - you will begin to experience and embody yourself as whole and complete now! Truly a Soul Sound Journey to Awakening to - You are Enough. More than that You are a Special Unique Gift!