LifeWorks Coaching

“Having Your Life Work on All Cylinders”

Body Mind and Spirit

LifeWorks Coaching is a Body Mind Spirit Emotion Integrative Eclectic Trans Formative System designed to leave clients and students experiencing their “selves” as whole and complete as they are Now. While allowing one to experience and feel whatever is “present” in one's life and at the same time taking the designed “action steps” forward—one begins to manifest one's goals and aspirations. 

Your Passion and Purpose

First getting in touch with your Purpose and your Passion/ your Vision and your Mission- “You” will then become “crystal clear” as to your “S.P.A.” (Specific Plan of Action) and how to put that into “play”. While in the “process” as you get thrown off course- you will learn “inner work skill sets” to bring you “back on track” expediently.

Lifeworks Coaching Sessions:

Complimentary Session

Your first session is complimentary as You get an opportunity to experience the work I do, find out more about LifeWorks/have your questions, and we both have an opportunity to see if we are “a fit” for each other. This session is either “in person” or “FaceTime.” 

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How Can I Support You

It begins with the question “how can I support you?” All sessions are custom designed for You including fitting the frequency of sessions to fit your budget (time and investment). Normally the sessions are 1-3 hours in length (average is 1.5 hrs./week) and can even be 30 minutes in length. Lazor Coaching (5-10 minutes in between sessions is complimentary for regular clients.

Educational Deep and Fun

They are educational, healing, both deep and fun at times, always experiential and both challenging, while always being supportive.

Strategic Plan of Action

You will create your own S>P>A> (Strategic Plan of Action) – make promises, “roll your sleeves up” and get to work on manifesting your goals and aspirations

LifeWorks Inner Work Skill Sets

You will learn “LifeWorks Inner Work Skill Sets that will assist you to expedite recovery given that we have been mired in certain habits that tend to “rear their ugly heads” at times.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Learn “mindfulness”, meditation, and experience visualization techniques which alters the “be”-ing that You are.

Uncover EveryDay Trauma/s

Uncover “EveryDay Trauma/s” which are being activated again causing “re-traumatization”- learn trauma re framing and EveryDay Trauma Release.

Undoing Cultural Norms

Undoing the “cultural norms” creating new approaches and necessary “expansions” (not “change and fix”) in your lifestyle which in turn- bring you fulfillment and “Peace of Mind.”


“Custom Designed Visualizations”

 When you as the client relax deeply through being led into slow immersive deep breathing- you begin to open up your “receptors.” As you are led into this visualization you are able to “feel” the changes you wish to enact in your life. Bypassing your left brain cognitive thinking and opening up your intuitive right brain allows you to imagine “being” that which you desire. Each session is “custom designed” in precisely the way it will work most effectively for you. This Body, Mind, Spirit, Integrative Approach- over time- anchors in the “New YOU”!

In addition to using these visualizations during the sessions, I encourage clients to record them and replay them repeatedly. They create their own library to listen to – especially useful to prevent or treat re-traumatization events.

Mentorship Coaching:

One of my specialties is working with “fledgling Adults”- those attempting to find their way in life, getting in touch with “what lights them up”, learning the power of “commitment”/giving your word and following through with their promises. At times confronting, at times cheering them on, most importantly connecting them to their Purpose, Passion, Vision, and Mission. Keeping them accountable and learning how to navigate through “ups and downs” to stay on track and manifest their goals. My specialties include working with young men as well as “Life Coaches” attempting to get their coaching practice off the ground.

Tag Team Coaching

Working with Fledgling Adults

Teenagers and young persons attempting to make their awkward transition into adulthood face an uphill battle emotionally and psychologically during these times! Especially young girls with the social media craze and pandemic times etc. face enormous pressures as they try to “find themselves” in this maze.

Farra Allen along with Marion Bodner, CLC (Certified LifeWorks Coach) specializing in “Art Coaching”, have developed a unique therapeutic approach utilizing “Intuitive Painting for Process” which is very “user friendly” as well as highly effective. Marion is uniquely qualified having worked with many young teenagers and children. She is also available to work individually with students and young adults. View more about Marion on her website

This Process enables participants to get in touch with - and express their feelings and emotions - most especially those which they were unaware of and had suppressed. Then as each client is allowed full self expression, they are able to move forward in their life with clarity and confidence.

Along with getting in touch with their Purpose and Passion - they are able to formulate their own individual “SPA” (Strategic Plan of Action). As they begin to “own” this newly formed “Self Identity” they start to feel excited and happy to “be” who they are!” After going through this process and learning “inner work skills”- along with intermittent sessions from time to time- they are able to deal with the everyday pressures and co create their lives “working on all cylinders.”

In our coaching sessions, Farra has been allowing/guiding me to discover/re- discover my own empowerment, knowing I can trust myself, knowing that I have all the answers inside but I must work to find them. I realize that I am in control of my life and I am good enough.

Weston Manley

General Manager, Gudusu Inc.

I was dealing with a health condition and searching for answers. Farra took my situation to heart and did research specifically about what I was dealing with. He helped me immensely each session, giving me personal visualizations and other methods to cope with my ailments. He listened to my concerns with empathy and worked with me to create a personalized plan that fit my needs. With his guidance, I was able to manage my symptoms and improve my overall well-being. Farra's expertise and compassionate approach made all the difference in my journey towards healing. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for support and guidance in managing their health and well-being.

Westin Galloway

CEO, Galloway Digital & Ironman Race Championship Qualifier

I was diagnosed with chronic myloid leukemia and I began working with Farra to do my best to mitigate the impact this was having on my body. Along with my own daily practice, I was provided a number of customized, creative visualizations, recorded them and re-listened to them repeatedly. After a period of time, I was told by my doctor that my levels had declined and I am on track to cease taking the mediations within the year. Thank you, Farra.

Robert Landon


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