Coaching Trainings

You will be trained and certified as a LifeWorks Life Coach. This is a hybrid Psychology/Life Coach Skill Sets Training custom designed for You- only available for 1-2 students at a time. Classes are both “in person” and “online” and there is an interview session to determine if “we” are “a fit.” 

You will learn the skills necessary in order to earn a partial or full time practice.

Level One

The Craftsmanship of Coaching:

Module 1

Our Thoughts Create Our Reality

Applying The Law of Attraction to generate the life You Desire

Module 2

A Mindfulness Approach to Communication Skill

Rapport, Empathic Listening, Active Listening, and Provocative Questioning Skills

Module 3

Emotions Rule the Day/ Flipping the Coin

Getting in touch with your Purpose and Passion, your Vision and your Mission.

Module 4

The Body Knows

Body-centered Psychotherapy/Somatic Coaching and Balancing Emotions Through Intuitive Art with Marion Bodner

Module 5

Love is the Answer

Accepting life exactly as it, Accepting Each Person's “Virtual Reality” and Accepting all parts of Yourself just as You are.

Module 6

Putting it All Together

Integration of the previous modules completing your unique style of coaching

Level Two

The “Buzzness” of Coaching

Module 1

Coaching Your W.A.Y.

(Who Are You)

Custom Designing creating your Coaching Practice the way you want it

Module 2

Marketing Your W.A.Y.

According to who you want to reach and how you want to do it

Module 3

Visioning Your Practice Into Being

Efficacy/owning that you are a successful LifeWorks Certified Coach. Graduation Ceremony

Custom Designed Advanced Coaching Trainings

In all my years of training entrepreneurs I have come to realize that niche marketing is the key for both you as the coach and the client. As you gain clarity as to your Purpose, Passion, Vision, and design your specialty marketing approach accordingly- you will attract the exact kind of client you wish to work with.

You will be consistently excited and motivated to work in the way that is most organically You! Furthermore you will tend to be more effective at attaining the results you and your client seek.

It is my belief that work needs to be fun and engaging for the both the Client and the Coach!

Lifeworks Certified Coaching Graduates

John Hyatt

LifeWorks Certified Coach

Shelby Shankland

LifeWorks Certified Coach

LifeWorks provided a safe and sacred space for me to embrace all that I am. Through Lifeworks School of Coaching, I was able to discover my true passion and purpose of assisting others from a place of wholeness. If I had never coached a day in my life, LifeWorks was the biggest gift I ever gave myself

Carolyn A. Jones, LWC

LifeWorks Certified Coach

I came upon The Lifeworks School of Coaching at a time in my life when I was at an important crossroads, seeking direction. I had recently entered a new field in my career, and the instruction and coaching training assisted me in my day-to-day work activities. I knew going in to the program that I was not going to be a full-time coach; still, I utilize the skills and techniques I learned back in 2007 to this day, to assist me with the co-workers and clients I come in contact with on a daily basis. I find what I learned in the course to be invaluable in helping to make my Life Work, in general. There is no doubt that Lifeworks has played a key role in helping me to be the success that I am today.

Henry Brent

Sales Executive and LifeWorks Certified Coach

If you are ready and looking for ways to break down your walls and find your authentic self, take this course. In the end it will be the first day of the rest of your life.

Helen Gerolemou

LifeWorks Certified Coach

The first time I met Farra was in connection with training for my life coach certification. I was trying to figure out which coaching would be best for me. I met him for about 45 minutes and I knew it! I want to be trained under Farra’s tutelage. The next six months were like no other for me. Learning coaching skills was anyway the expectation, but the additional knowledge and experiences I received were more than an icing on a beautifully baked cake! The visualizations, the deep meditations at the start and end of the day transported me to another world. Through these spiritual experiences, Farra helped me face head-on and deal with some deep trauma I had buried for a long time. Thank you Farra, Marion, and Shanti for the beautiful 6 months and the friendship that blossomed from it!  If you are considering getting life coach training, I would any day, recommend Farra.

Gita Vemparala, LCC

LifeWorks Certified Coach

One of the best decisions I have ever made! Approx. 18 months go I walked into Farra Allen’s office and completely changed my life. Starting with 6 months of the LifeWorks teleclasses and then onto the LifeWorks School of Coaching. What an amazing program with outstanding teachers, guides, & classmates! I’ve always had a pull in this direction but had no idea the gifts, passions, & talents that would come out of me! I highly recommend this program to ANYONE wanting to live wholly. Some become Life Coaches and others just soar in their current field! I Am Certified! YAY!

Danna Holt

LifeWorks Certified Coach

Farra is a courageous, visionary educator teaching us how to find our “gift” from our “wound”- a powerful and important contribution to the coaching field!

Deb Antin

LifeWorks Certified Coach